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Welcome to a new era in indoor positioning

Probably the world’s first solution for Real Time Indoor Positioning using only a smartphone

Introducing tt2 software. An indoor positioning system that needs zero help from iBeacons or UWB

All you need is your phone

Imagine having a recipe or creating a shopping list –
and where your phone guides you to every single ingredient in the store. Your very own personal indoor GPS that knows the entire floor plan and merchandise arrangement of your favourite supermarket or boutique.

For some it’s magic. For others it’s a trailblazing innovation.
For us it’s thousands of hours of programming.

After thousands of hours of cutting edge software development by our programmers — originating from Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Luleå University of Technology — we’ve cracked it.

Is it magic or is it technology?

The tt2 system is based on advanced algorithms, a new way of using smartphone hardware components, as well as sophisticated server functionality. This enables us to create a revolutionary indoor positioning system requiring no supplementary hardware, like ibeacons or UWB (ultra-wide band).

State of the art Sensor Fusion

Linking multiple hardware components together to achieve optimal data.

Self-correcting positioning algorithms

Improving algorithms which learns individual users behaviours over time.

Machine learning models

We use machine learning to create individual user metrics.

Advanced applied mathematics

Control theory, signal processing and statistical learning are used to create a real time positioning algorithm.

Comprehensive Software Ecosystem

Meaning server functionality, system integration, multiple client platforms and indoor map solutions.

Finally something retail and consumers alike will appreciate

Today’s consumers have three priorities –
shopping needs to be quick, they want smart gadgets and they want personalised offers. The tt2 ticks all the boxes.

And retailers don’t want iBeacons and/or UWB.
They just want this to work with no new investments.
And it does.

You create the shopping list. tt2 tells you where to go

Imagine creating your shopping list –
and then being guided the quickest way through the store by your phone. Just like having your very own personal indoor GPS…one that actually works!

Real time positioning allows for instant, on the spot, sales.


Imagine, as a retailer, being able to highlight offers and new products in the customer’s phone just as they pass the product.


Let your phone be on the lookout for products you really need and want


Do you love eco friendly products? Is wellbeing important to you? Or does knowing which products are on sale right now increase your feel-good factor? Then let your phone guide you. It can even alert you as a reminder.

This is what we call true personalisation.

for vegetarians
don’t forget
locally produced
special offers

No more queuing. No more barcode scanners. No more old stuff…


Let your phone do the work – let your phone pay. You’re out of the store in a second.

We give you the best indoor positioning system ever. The rest we leave to your imagination

If you can give your customers or visitors an interactive guide, which they can use in their own phones, helping them discover things up to 0,5 metres accuracy
… what would you do with it?

tt2 direct-to-consumer opportunities are endless

As a retailer, you can provide information and offers to the customer while they are in the store – with pinpoint accuracy. This can help highlight new products or complementary products, thus providing the retailer with a new stream of revenue. Statistics are an added bonus – analyse customer footfall with up to 0,5 metre accuracy, compare data by using filters, and give staff the possibility to get sales data directly. The tt2 system has a checkout control algorithm that can be adapted to specific retailer needs.

All and all, the sky’s the limit. And as a retailer you can adapt and tailor the tt2 to suit your needs, giving you all the data you need to drive in-store sales.

For consumers

Search after products, offers and recipes that can be shown on tt2 store map.

Wayfinding with Intelligent Route Guidance
Smart Real Time Route Guidance that will be updated in real time depending on how the customer is moving in the store.

Store Map
Offers, New Products, Items of personal interest etc are shown on the store map depending on where in the store the customer is.

Personal Settings
Products, Offers etc. of personal interest are shown on the tt2 Store Map depending on where in the store the customer is.

Purchase List
The customers personal shopping list is shown on the TT2 screen. The customer can activate route guidance and the fastest route to each item in the purchase list will be shown with real time updates depending om how the customer is moving.

Product Information
News, Offers etc are shown on the store map. Product information of a chosen product is presented on the screen if the customer press the info button and then scan the product.

Get inspiration via the recipe function. Choose ingredients and the will be mapped on the store map together with the possibility to get rout guidance.

Reminders of items not to forget to buy is presented to the customer depending on where in the store the customer is.

Scan items and pay at self-check out.

Pay with your phone
With TT2, queueing to pay is a thing of the past.

For retailers

Position-aware messaging
Give the customer information depending on where in the store the customer is.

Analyse customer movements. Compare data by using filters. Give the staff the possibility to get sales data on the TT2 unit.

Check Out Control
The system has a check out control algorithm that can be adapted to specific needs from the retailer.

White label or full system.
You choose.

Welcome to a new era in indoor positioning.
For retail, warehouses, airports, museums and areas alike

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